LINK360 is the only telehealth platform to offer universal compatibility for mobile health and fitness devices coupled with integration of Big Data services including AI and Blockchain.

Live virtual visits of patient and doctor

Using Link360’s high-quality video, doctors are able to speak directly with their patients, observe them, provide prescriptions and keep check on the course of treatment.

The Link360 platform enables an easy-to-use experience for the patient encounter, along with a powerful cloud-based back-end system that provides actionable intelligence.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with existing workflows and EHRs, allowing you to easily add successful virtual visits into your existing practice – enhancing efficiency and patient engagement.

Monitoring wearable medical devices to track patient ‘s vitals

Wearable Health Devices enable people to better monitor their health status both at an activity/fitness level for self-health tracking and at a medical level providing more data to clinicians with a potential for earlier diagnostic and guidance of treatment.

Store-and-forward, realtime transmission or 24/7 remote monitoring

The Link360 platform’s unique design allows for both store-and-forward and live transmissions of wearables data to maximize the effectiveness of the telehealth session or to ensure that clinicians have up-to-the-second readings of remotely monitored patients’ vitals.

Integrating the results with the patient’s medical records

Our platform enables full integration of data from connected devices with the patient’s EHR medical records, so clinicians have access to the full spectrum of patient data at all times.

Simultaneously logging the patient’s medical history with Big Data

Our cloud Big Data storage solution is the core infrastructure component which enables flexible storage of many kinds of healthcare data; it is designed for maximum scalability and extensibility to allow plug-and-play expansion with analytics, AI, blockchain, clinical decision support and other services.

Machine learning to track changes and generate alerts to caregivers if necessary

Connected devices generate digital data which will be stored in our cloud Big Data datastores. Advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms can be leveraged for actionable insights from patient data.

Advanced analytics enhance predictive capabilities to improve outcomes

Predictive analytics operating on BigData datasets is useful in areas like risk stratification, predicting length of hospital stay, probability of readmission or likelihood of adverse health events.

Securing protected access to health data for providers, payers and patients with blockchain

Healthcare stakeholders are increasingly turning to the distributed ledger blockchain technology to manage protected health information (PHI) and other medical information.

While our Link360 platform is fully HIPAA-compliant, we encourage clients to evaluate blockchain for its unique advantages in areas such as ‘smart contracts’, supply chain, and peer-to-peer data exchange.

Open APIs / SDK for integration and data interoperability

Link360 has been architected as FHIR-centric platform, incorporating the industry’s de-facto standard for heathcare data exchange.

WBM Health offers comprehensive access to our next-generation technologies through a robust set of APIs, facilitating integration with third-party systems or development of complementary applications.