Analytics / AI

WBM Health will offer advanced analytics and AI technology as plug-and-play components within our modularized healthcare technology platform.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology have now moved beyond the ‘science-fiction’ hype stage into their current status of widespread acceptance  and expanding deployments within the healthcare industry.

AI tools are already proving their potential in critical areas, such as clinical decision support, risk scoring, and imaging diagnostics – and the first wave of modern AI tools for many of these applications is now receiving FDA approval for commercialization and sale.

EHR developers are also moving quickly to add AI to their products, recognizing that advanced AI is an attractive selling point for organizations that want to secure a position on the cutting edge of health IT.

To enhance the user experience and patient engagement, following the lead of major consumer tech vendors like Amazon and Google, health IT vendors are increasingly looking at AI as just another tool for creating the personalized, intuitive experiences that have become the baseline expectation for technology users.

WBM Health will work with clients and partners on implementation of AI in their healthcare solutions, helping them resolve the challenges of crafting sophisticated, reliable technology solutions to solve real problems in the clinical environment.