Big Data

In today’s healthcare universe,  medical data is measured in exabytes and is doubling every two years. The velocity and volume of this data is driven by advances in fields such as genomics, medical imaging and medical Internet of Things (IoT) .  As much as 80% of medical data exists in unstructured format, further compounding the data challenges for healthcare organizations.

WBM Health is addressing clients’ needs for future-proof solutions by building Big Data tools and capabilities as foundational elements in our technology architecture.

Advanced technologies in healthcare including blockchain, AI and big data analytics tool are projected to grow exponentially over coming years, as the health industry deals with challenges related to data security and integrity, improving patient engagement and clinical outcomes through application of machine intelligence, and a tsunami of digital data from a spectrum of sources ranging  from insurance claims to genomics, precision medicine and medical imaging.

In this environment, solution providers must aggressively embrace the new technologies and not be burdened with legacy systems.  As one example, in the market today, many healthcare IT vendors remain tied to legacy RDBMS systems and have been slow to move to state-of-the-art Big Data toolsIn contrast, WBM Health’s technology infrastructure embeds Big Data technology such as no-SQL data stores from the ground up.

The challenge ahead for healthcare is to turn Big Data into actionable clinical intelligence and this will require aggregating, curating and analysis of data sources spanning customer service call logs, structured and unstructured clinical documentation, satisfaction surveys and patient-generated Internet of Things health data.  The industry has made big leaps forward in recent years in areas like clinical decision support and predictive analytics and must maintain this momentum.

WBM Health’s FHIRx platform incorporates Big Data tools and capabilities as core architectural elements, empowering our clients to build robust, resilient healthcare solutions .