WBM Health is a direct descendant of a pioneering company  specializing in EDI integration, giving clients the reassurance that they are working with  proven expertise in HL7 interoperability solutions.FHIRi is agnostic with respect to healthcare platforms, supporting healthcare organizations large and small and accommodating the full spectrum of connectivity formats and standards.  These platforms include electronic health records (EHR), hospital information systems (HIS), health information exchange (HIE) systems, radiology information systems (RIS), registry and repository systems, PACS systems and laboratory information (LIS) systems.

FHIRi offers an affordable solution for growing health-tech companies allowing them to focus on building out their solutions without the painful complexities of healthcare data integration

WBM Health is committed to bringing down the  cost of healthcare  interoperability.  Our flexible pricing options will eliminate large up-front costs often associated with interface engines and will ensure scalability.  The result will be a reduction in total cost of ownership enabling clients to stretch their budget beyond their expectations.