IOT / Telemedicine

Improving health outcomes in the digital era is directly related to having a connected health ecosystem.  Millennials as well as older demographics increasingly expect convenient, stress-free access to electronic health records and related clinical information such as lab results, medical images and wellness information, along with the ability to monitor medications and schedule appointments over the internet and using mobile devices.An ongoing issue in the US healthcare system concerns patient access to their own data which remains constrained.  The widespread deployment in the past decade of EHR (electronic health record) systems within hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide has actually exacerbated the problem by effectively siloing patient data within the walls of non-cooperating EHR monoliths.  The effect is to dampen patient engagement in what remains a multi-vendor/multi-tenant healthcare environment.

The primary technical challenge for healthcare providers is to identify a comprehensive patient engagement solution that integrates data across all the information systems involved in the patient care, providing a true 360, holistic view for the patient.

This is the context within which WBM Health presents its IOT/telemedicine solution which is vendor agnostic, highly customizable and cloud-based to elevate patient and provider engagement to a new level.

Our mHealth app is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution integrating a wide spectrum of clinical data from EHRs, PACS, and health biometric wearables.  It can be used to locate nearby clinics, labs and providers, schedule appointments and register electronically.  Powering its user-friendly interface on Apple or Android mobile devices are a range of industrial-strength cloud backend technologies including blockchain, Big Data databases, analytics and AI modules which can be assembled by OEMs and solution providers into customized solutions.

WBM Health is committed to supporting its IOT/telemedicine solution as a means to achieve the vaunted Triple Aim of healthcare in lowering costs, improving outcomes and enhancing patient satisfaction.