Featured Services

Medical IOT

a) End-to-end medical IoT solutions
Front-end UI/UX data capture with cloud connectivity for data storage, optional analytics with user-friendly interface which provides 360 view of patient health
b) IoT – EHR integration
Patient and physician have access to realtime IoT sensor data as well as patient EHR history. Extend to multiple providers, sensors, medical imaging, personal wellness data and more.

Big Data

a) Big Data monetization
FHIRx Big Data platform enables customers to earn additional revenue from patient-generated sensor data
b) Big Data aggregation & management
FHIRx Big Data platform facilitates organization, administration and governance of large volumes of both structured and unstructured data

AI / Analytics

a) AI/analytics
Extensible FHIRx platform allows modular addition of artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics functionality applied against stored data


a) Blockchain for secure records/transactions
Distributed ledger technology for secure permissioned data exchange within health networks

FHIR services: Data integrations, Application and DB conversions

a) Legacy to FHIR conversions/integrations for applications or DB
FHIRx software and services enable integration for legacy and disparate systems using industry standards, HL7, DICOM, EDI, CDA..

Our Architecture

FHIRx system architecture provides a cloud infrastructure featuring Big Data storage coupled with  RESTful FHIR APIs, the WConnect gateway/controller enabling extensions for security, analytics, AI, Clinical Decision Support, and third-party plugins.